• Agricultural Improvement

    1. Development of agricultural land in hilly area through provision of assistance for bounding, leveling and shaping of land, fencing and reclamation, as well as dissemination of farming technology.
    2. To Provide training on sericulture and develop own sericulture forms at grass root, block, district and state level so as to increase the organic farming.

  • Animal’s Welfare

    1. To investigate and check cruelty against animals to heighten public awareness of the torture perpetrated on animals for the sake research and beauty, glamour and art to discourage and thwart anti-animal activities by taking prompt remedial action.
    2. To make arrangement for proper fodder/feeds and drinking water to animals& birds.

  • Awareness Generation

    1. To conduct awareness generation program amongst students, , adolescents, women & general masses in various aspects & fields like, literacy, primary health care, cultural program, sports, music, art, science, road safety, pollution control, population issues, information technology, agriculture, RCH, AIDS, immunization, drug abuse, Indian system of medicine and homeopathy, human rights, , promotion of small family norms etc.

  • Appropriate Technology

    1. To provide appropriate technologies in different aspects of people’s daily working and life concerns.
    2. To facilitate delivery of technology to women and unemployed youth of the rural and urban areas through cooperation from state/central govt. / govt. bodies.

  • Bio-Diversity

    1. To work for maintenance and conservation of bio-diversity.
    2. Conducting environmental education and training in the sphere conservation of forests, wildlife etc for rural/urban people, especially through organization of camps and lectures.

  • Community Services

    1. Formation of voluntary organization in rural/urban areas.
    2. Encouraging landless labors, field bounded laborers and marginal farmers to get themselves organizes into vocations like dairy, piggery, poultry, fishery, cottage industries, handicrafts etc. to better their standard living, Peaceful resolution of local conflicts and disputes.

  • Campaign

    1. To conduct campaigns against social evils such as dowry, suicide, corruption, illiteracy, sex ratio, female foeticide, child labor and pollution.
    2. To launch cleanliness, sanitation and health education campaign.

  • Disaster Management

    1. In the event of natural calamities such as draught, floods and cyclones. To arrange financial assistance from central/state govt. and voluntary organization.
    2. To undertake voluntary work for victims of calamities through contribution, shramdan, govt. help etc.

  • Education & Employment

    1. To facilitate self employment by delivering technical and financial services to the women and unemployed youth of the rural and urban areas through cooperation from state/central govt. / govt. bodies.
    2. To encourage the rural/urban/slum people to adopt the latest technology in the field of education.

  • Forestry

    1. To implement various programmers of social forestry, tree plantation, community forestry etc.
    2. To raise nurseries of various plants for income generating purposes.

  • Health and Family Welfare

    1. To run reproductive and child health program & to fight against drug abuse. To initiate nutrition program for health of women and children. To run reproductive and child health program.
    2. To provide health training..To conduct health training eyes camps for the masses. To help the disabled persons purchase fitting of aids/appliances.

  • Help to Poor Aged

    1. To provide free medical aid to the aged, men and women.
    2. To arrange free feeding of elderly rural poor.

  • To Promote Culture

    1. To preserve, develop, promote and disseminate tribal/folk art and culture. To undertake research projects in culture.
    2. To undertake research projects in culture. To preserve, develop, promote and disseminate tribal/folk art and culture.

  • Promote Natural Energy

    1. Encouraging the use of alternative sources of energy, like solar cooker, Bio-gas smokeless chullas etc.
    2. To promote non-conventional energy sources. To enhance the use of solar energy.

  • Research and Surveys

    1. To conduct various research studies in the field of Agriculture, RCH, Pollution Control, Panchayati Raj, AIDS, Bio-Diversity, Education, Environment, Health, Watershed Management etc.
    2. To conduct surveys on various topics related to development aspect of community. To carry out surveys related to the socio-0economic aspects of rural and urban life.

  • Wasteland development& Management

    1. To develop wasteland through plantation, Social forestry/tree plantation, community forestry.
    2. To conduct garbage and solid waste management program in rural and urban areas.

  • Women & Children Empowerment

    1. To facilitate formation of groups of women and children in rural /urban areas and thereafter bringing them together on a common platform to address issues through federation, clusters and village development committees.
    2. To organize seminars training shows plays at grass root, block, district and state level about the decreasing sex-ratio in India.

  • Youth activities

    1. To help youth to acquire knowledge skills’ to awaken social consciousness’ & responsibility.
    2. To organize debates and declamation contest, speech. To impart education and training of the basis of youth organization methods and practices.